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Abdellatif Lahlali

Moroccan-born; American author Abdellatif Lahlali has a BA in Anthropology from Knox College and a Master’s from the George Washington University. After a lifetime career in Project Management spanning some thirty years and a half-dozen countries, Abdellatif finally settled to doing the Project of a lifetime by writing War Stories from My Father. This Historic Memoir is based on many years of conversations with his late Father, Master Sergeant Mohamed Ben Salem Lahlali who had a tumultuous Military career in the French Army from 1940–1955 in North Africa, Europe, the Far East, and beyond. War Stories from My Father ended up being the first exhaustive study of the participation of a Moroccan Soldier in both WWII and the French conflict in Vietnam. This Book also chronicles the prelude period of the independence of many countries from France. This period in History remains one of the most painful and least-discussed episodes in the history of postwar France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Vietnam. This Story is also practically unknown to many in the English-speaking world. Mr. Abdellatif follows his Father throughout the Francophone world and adds his multiple observations at a critical time of its history.

Master Sergeant Mohamed Ben Salem was also considered a prodigy of early Radio and Telegraph Communications. He was trained by the Americans in WWII, and he worked tirelessly to develop Morse code–based Maritime Communications both within the French Empire and later within Independent Morocco. War Stories from My Father turned out to be not only the first time that WWII is described from the North African Soldier’s perspective and a detailed account of the participation of Moroccan Soldiers in WWII and the Vietnam War; but also a personal travelogue, a story of adventure, Maritime history, Radio and Telegraph use in War, among others. War Stories from My Father is also a call from a past generation that defeated Nazism, Fascism, and Imperial Japanese hegemony, only to fall prey to the Cold War reality of East-versus-West rivalry and the wild spread of disunity and disintegration caused by Independence Movements in the mid-1950s that ended up with the implosion of the French Empire in a disastrous way. Mr. Abdellatif is a History and WWII buff who has been doing the research for this Book for over eighteen years in N. America, Europe, N. Africa, and Asia.